How often do I need a housekeeper?

domestic cleaning

Your work schedule has grown, you’ve brought home a new baby, or household chores are stacking up and overwhelming you! Whatever the reason, you’re thinking about hiring a housekeeper or cleaner for your domestic cleaning. The question is: do you hire someone to work full-time, or on a weekly basis? Here’s a checklist to help you decide.

Do the numbers

Start with your budget: whether hiring personally, or using a professional service, what can you afford? Do some research to find out about the general daily rate, and include costs for overtime and weekend rates.

Consider what kind of help you need

Do you need help with everything, or just the big things? Here’s a simple break-down:

  • A daily housekeeper is there to assist you with everything from laundry to dusting to doing thedishes. If you have a pressurised job, a houseful of busy children or aren’t physically able to copewith day-to- day chores, then this is a good option for you.
  • If you’re managing the daily chores, but need regular help with bigger jobs – such as changing linens, vacuuming, and cleaning the bathrooms and the kitchen – then a weekly housekeepermay be a better fit.
  • For regular home maintenance focusing on areas that need attention less often, a monthlyservice may be all that you need. Getting windows, walls, your refrigerator and oven cleaned ona monthly basis is good for peace of mind and the value of your home.

So, put your requirements and your budget together, and you’re ready to hire the kind of help you need.

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