Keeping a small apartment clean

cleaning small apartment

Surely it’s easier to keep a small space clean? Anyone who has lived in small apartment will tell you that it isn’t.  There are a few good reasons for this: less space for storage, which means clutter, and you live in every part of it every day, which means more dust and grime. Here are some easy tips to help you keep your cosy home fabulous.

Don’t overload your space

This just means not buying unnecessary items! Run the need-love test on anything before you bring it home, or else it’s going to just become clutter.

Cut down on clutter

Getting rid of clutter is vital for managing a small apartment, and this isn’t something you just do once. Make it a seasonal habit to go over clothes, bedding, books and other items: if you aren’t using something or don’t really like it anymore, give it away or sell it. It will open up space for something you really want – and it means less to clean!

Smart storage solutions are great

Think about furniture items with drawers or shelves – a bed with a pull-out drawer for storing linen or small cabinets doubling as side-tables are great examples. Invest in a compact linen hamper and put up hooks in the kitchen to hang utensils and pans. Being able to put things away means more open space and less dust-collecting.

Make cleaning up on the spot a habit

Keep your sink clear, straighten the bed, put away the DVD’s and your space won’t get messy. Also, set aside one day a week to do a thorough clean: vacuum and mop floors, change your towels and bedding, and give the bathroom and kitchen a scrub.

Seasonal cleaning is for the big things

Once every few months, give your oven and fridge some attention, and this is also a good time to wash curtains, clean blinds and disinfect drains.

Work out a cleaning schedule that suits you and stick to it – your compact space will shine!




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