How to Clean Your Fireplace


A crackling warm glowing fire is a wonderful part of winter.  Irrespective of whether you have an open fire or a closed fire system cleaning the fireplace is a necessity.  Here are a few tips to ensure it goes smoothly with the least amount of mess.

 Is it out

This is obvious but fire embers can stay active for quite some time after you think the fire has gone out.  Check that the fire is completely cold.  A clue will be the grey ash that accumulates when a fire is dead and cold.


Here are a few things to keep on hand for cleaning your fireplace.  A bucket, newspaper, a brush and pan, a spray bottle filled with water and a damp cloth is optional.

 Cleaning an Open fireplace

Pick up any branches that are partially burnt and put them aside on laid out newspaper.

Spray the ash lightly.  This will allow it to cling together and reduce it flying around.

You can approach this in two ways depending on whether your open fireplace has a grate.

If your fireplace has a grate, then firstly push as much of the ash onto the floor of the fireplace.  Lay some newspaper down on the floor and pick up the grate and place it onto the newspaper.   The following is applicable for any open fireplace.  Brush the embers on the floor of the fireplace to the front with your brush and pan.  You can either use your brush and pan to pick up the embers and place them into the bucket or what is slightly easier and depends on the design of your fireplace, place newspaper in front of the floor and let the ash drop down onto the newspaper.  Then just roll the newspaper up enclosing the ash before placing in the bucket for disposal later.

Take the grate outside and use a high-pressure hose to remove any ash and let it dry in the sun.

 Cleaning a Closed fireplace

These fireplaces are much more energy efficient and usually result in all the wood and coal being burnt.  Depending on the make of fireplace you should have an ash draw to pull out.  Place newspaper down in front of the fireplace and the ash draw.  Pull the ash draw out carefully to minimize the mess.  Slide the ash onto the newspaper for easy removal.

Take the ash draw outside for cleaning with a high-pressure hose and for drying in the sun.

If you like everything neat as a pin you can take your damp cloth and wipe down the floor of the open fireplace as well as the inside of the close fireplace.

Your fireplace is good as new and ready for the next toasted marshmallow marathon.

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