Home Made Cleaning Products

home made cleaning products

Most of us like to bring out our Martha Stewart, inspired to make amazing things.  If you’re one of those people who find following patterns etc. a challenge but still want to have some things around the house that you’ve made look no further.  Here are a few DIY cleaning products that are easy to make and will result in a cleaner, fresh smelling home.

Fabric Softener

A firm favourite for cleaning comes to rescue yet again and it’s really cheap.  Vinegar!

By placing a cup full of white vinegar into your normal fabric softener dispenser in the washing machine, you will have fluffier towels as vinegar removes a buildup of detergent and all your clothes will be softer. A word of caution.  Do not add vinegar to your wash prior to washing as it could bleach your clothes. If you have a concern about the vinegar smell, add a drop of essential oils to the vinegar.

Dishwasher Liquid

This recipe has the citrus zing of grapefruit and lemongrass.


1 cup Borax

1 cup Soda Ash (can be bought from pool shops or in the pool aisle at your local hardware store)

3/4 cup Lemi Shine (this is a detergent additive and is available from selected suppliers.)

1/2 cup salt

10 drops lemongrass essential oil

10 drops grapefruit essential oil


Mix together the Borax, Soda Ash, Lemi Shine and salt in a large plastic bowl.  Stir till combined.

Add the lemongrass and grapefruit essential oil and combine well.  The oils will be soaked up by the powders so you do need to spend a little time when mixing.

Store in a Consol glass jar ensuring it’s clearly marked.


Add 1 and half spoons to the dispenser.  Add vinegar to the condition dispenser and off you go for sparkling clean dishes and glassware.

Air Freshener

15 drops of your favourite essential oil.

Baking soda

A small Consol glass jar

A small piece of linen, hessian or cotton fabric cut to size

Add the essential oils to the baking soda.  Combine well.

Pour into the glass jar.  Take the Consol jar and remove the lid and replace with the fabric.  This allows the smells to be absorbed by the baking soda.

These can be used anywhere around your home for a sweet smelling home. Contact us for all your domestic cleaning services in cape town 

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