Cleaning the forgotten spots in your home

Cleaning Forgotten Areas

Shiny windows and floors, a sparkling shower and no dust-balls under the bed – you’ve got thecleaning under control, right? Maybe not – the biggest germ and mould traps are often hidden fromsight.  Here are some of the forgotten places where nasty dirt can hide.

Germ traps

  • Your dishes are clean, but what about your dishwasher or dish-rack? Look through your dishwasher instructions on how to run a cleansing cycle, and clean your dish-rack with bleach now and then to get rid of grime and mould.
  • Clean out your fridge. Get rid of any foods, sauces or preserves that have passed their sell-by date, and clean the racks and seals to get rid of any spills or mould.
  • Use a bleach solution to clean your plastic laundry basket.
  • Check the labels on your pillows – if they’re machine washable, wash them! They’re a collecting place for dead skin cells and mites. With feather pillows, follow the washing instructions carefully and dry them properly.
  • If you use a drip coffee-maker, run it with vinegar and hot water once in a while as its parts can become a real bacteria trap.
  • The bathroom is full of forgotten areas: clean make up brushes and sponges with soap and hot water often – or replace them. The same for toothbrushes, toothbrush holders, taps and toilet handles.

Dust traps and fire hazards

  • It’s easy to miss the carpet of dust that forms under and between appliances, and on top of cabinets and cupboards. Give these areas a vacuum and wipe every few months to prevent a build-up.
  • Shake the crumbs out of your toaster, and clean the grease from your stove-top and under the extractor – all of these are potential fire-hazards.
  • Change the vacuum bag or empty it out, and clean the filter.
  • Remember to wash out your pet’s bowls and toys. Lastly, don’t forget to throw your bath-mat into the wash, and disinfect your remotes, smartphone and tablet every so often. Now you’re sparkling!

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