We used the most effective carpet cleaning method to effectively clean carpets and rugs. Our technicians are experienced are effectively removing stains from carpets without damaging the carpet fibers. Whether you want to get rid of of a wine spill stain , pet odors and stains , we are the team to call.

We use the steam cleaning ( hot water extraction) cleaning method to clean carpets. This method is very effective in removing stains that are deep seated with the carpet fibers.  Furthermore we do not make the carpets wet only damp as our machines have very high suction power meaning that you have minimal drying time.

As we know that carpets are made from different materials and some carpets are delicate we also offer specialized cleaning services for Persian rugs and wool carpets. We use dry cleaning method for wool carpets as getting moisture to the wool fibers will damage the carpet fibers or result in a bad smell coming from the carpet