How to clean your front loader washing machine?

front loader machine

Even with following the manufacturer’s instructions on maintenance, front loader washing machines are more susceptible to mould and to smell.   You may think by keeping the door open it’s enough to allow the moisture to evaporate.  But that is not always true.


White vinegar

Tea Tree Oil

Microfibre cloth




Place 6 drops of tea tree oil in 1 cup of vinegar.

Put the vinegar mixture in the detergent dispenser.

Run on a normal cycle.

Then comes the difficult part.  Mix up some more of the mixture.

Dampen the microfibre cloth in the mixture and get into between the rubber seal that runs around the inside.  For those stubborn spots of mildew use the nailbrush dipped in the vinegar mixture.


A clean and great smelling front loader.

Home Made Cleaning Products

home made cleaning products

Most of us like to bring out our Martha Stewart, inspired to make amazing things.  If you’re one of those people who find following patterns etc. a challenge but still want to have some things around the house that you’ve made look no further.  Here are a few DIY cleaning products that are easy to make and will result in a cleaner, fresh smelling home.

Fabric Softener

A firm favourite for cleaning comes to rescue yet again and it’s really cheap.  Vinegar!

By placing a cup full of white vinegar into your normal fabric softener dispenser in the washing machine, you will have fluffier towels as vinegar removes a buildup of detergent and all your clothes will be softer. A word of caution.  Do not add vinegar to your wash prior to washing as it could bleach your clothes. If you have a concern about the vinegar smell, add a drop of essential oils to the vinegar.

Dishwasher Liquid

This recipe has the citrus zing of grapefruit and lemongrass.


1 cup Borax

1 cup Soda Ash (can be bought from pool shops or in the pool aisle at your local hardware store)

3/4 cup Lemi Shine (this is a detergent additive and is available from selected suppliers.)

1/2 cup salt

10 drops lemongrass essential oil

10 drops grapefruit essential oil


Mix together the Borax, Soda Ash, Lemi Shine and salt in a large plastic bowl.  Stir till combined.

Add the lemongrass and grapefruit essential oil and combine well.  The oils will be soaked up by the powders so you do need to spend a little time when mixing.

Store in a Consol glass jar ensuring it’s clearly marked.


Add 1 and half spoons to the dispenser.  Add vinegar to the condition dispenser and off you go for sparkling clean dishes and glassware.

Air Freshener

15 drops of your favourite essential oil.

Baking soda

A small Consol glass jar

A small piece of linen, hessian or cotton fabric cut to size

Add the essential oils to the baking soda.  Combine well.

Pour into the glass jar.  Take the Consol jar and remove the lid and replace with the fabric.  This allows the smells to be absorbed by the baking soda.

These can be used anywhere around your home for a sweet smelling home. Contact us for all your domestic cleaning services in cape town 

How to Clean Your Fireplace


A crackling warm glowing fire is a wonderful part of winter.  Irrespective of whether you have an open fire or a closed fire system cleaning the fireplace is a necessity.  Here are a few tips to ensure it goes smoothly with the least amount of mess.

 Is it out

This is obvious but fire embers can stay active for quite some time after you think the fire has gone out.  Check that the fire is completely cold.  A clue will be the grey ash that accumulates when a fire is dead and cold.


Here are a few things to keep on hand for cleaning your fireplace.  A bucket, newspaper, a brush and pan, a spray bottle filled with water and a damp cloth is optional.

 Cleaning an Open fireplace

Pick up any branches that are partially burnt and put them aside on laid out newspaper.

Spray the ash lightly.  This will allow it to cling together and reduce it flying around.

You can approach this in two ways depending on whether your open fireplace has a grate.

If your fireplace has a grate, then firstly push as much of the ash onto the floor of the fireplace.  Lay some newspaper down on the floor and pick up the grate and place it onto the newspaper.   The following is applicable for any open fireplace.  Brush the embers on the floor of the fireplace to the front with your brush and pan.  You can either use your brush and pan to pick up the embers and place them into the bucket or what is slightly easier and depends on the design of your fireplace, place newspaper in front of the floor and let the ash drop down onto the newspaper.  Then just roll the newspaper up enclosing the ash before placing in the bucket for disposal later.

Take the grate outside and use a high-pressure hose to remove any ash and let it dry in the sun.

 Cleaning a Closed fireplace

These fireplaces are much more energy efficient and usually result in all the wood and coal being burnt.  Depending on the make of fireplace you should have an ash draw to pull out.  Place newspaper down in front of the fireplace and the ash draw.  Pull the ash draw out carefully to minimize the mess.  Slide the ash onto the newspaper for easy removal.

Take the ash draw outside for cleaning with a high-pressure hose and for drying in the sun.

If you like everything neat as a pin you can take your damp cloth and wipe down the floor of the open fireplace as well as the inside of the close fireplace.

Your fireplace is good as new and ready for the next toasted marshmallow marathon.

We have a fire place cleaning service with our domestic cleaning service in cape town. If you need a company to assist you with cleaning the fireplace we are always there to assist.


Mistakes to avoid when hiring a cleaning service

Spring Cleaning services

You have small children or you work long hours, and you’ve decided to hire a domestic cleaning service to straighten out the chaos. Here are some valuable tips to help you choose the right one.

The right service

  • Avoid brand new cleaning companies, as there is no way to know whether their employees have been properly trained and whether they are sustainable. Look for established services with a good reputation.
  • Ask if the service you are looking at pays their employees a salary, or takes part of an hourly rate – the second option is not the best, as it can often mean unhappy workers.
  • Don’t choose a service that only works on a long-term contract with high cancellation fees: if you want to cancel the service, you will need to pay punitive costs to get free.
  • Security is important as this service will have access to your home. Ask them for some references and so some online research on the company.

Visit services

Don’t opt for the first one you see. Rather speak to a few professional cleaners – look for consistency, flexibility and some guarantees.

How to organise your house in 5 steps

organised home

Sure, you already know how to clean your house, but it’s not that easy if you’re trying to do it around small children. Here are tips to help keep it simple.

1. Organise the kids. Get them together in one place, line up a snack and a distraction, and you’ll buy yourself 20 or 30 minutes to tackle the dishes or the bathroom. If your little ones are too small for distractions, wait until they’re asleep or someone is around to watch them.

2. Get some laundry done. This isn’t the time for fancy sorting, just separate the light from dark and put a load in! Take 10 minutes to fold whatever is dry, and you’ll have conquered some of the washing pile.

3. Get the little ones get involved. A good place to start is have them carry their dishes or cups to the kitchen once they’ve finished eating. Let older kids help you fill the washing machine, or hand you dry items from the dryer. Turn putting their toys away into a habit – work is play to little ones, not punishment.

4. Turn playtime to your advantage. When the kids head outside to play, this is your moment to vacuum! Whether they’re going to a play date or just running around in the garden, hit those carpets!

5. Golden half-hour. Once the kids are in bed, tackle quiet jobs like mopping the kitchen floor or doing a quick dust and polish – even if you just feel like falling over, it will look so good in the morning!

Most important: stop beating yourself up about not having a picture-perfect home. While the children are tiny, they are the major event. Even if it feels endless, this stage of their lives passes really quickly – enjoy them.

How often do I need a housekeeper?

domestic cleaning

Your work schedule has grown, you’ve brought home a new baby, or household chores are stacking up and overwhelming you! Whatever the reason, you’re thinking about hiring a housekeeper or cleaner for your domestic cleaning. The question is: do you hire someone to work full-time, or on a weekly basis? Here’s a checklist to help you decide.

Do the numbers

Start with your budget: whether hiring personally, or using a professional service, what can you afford? Do some research to find out about the general daily rate, and include costs for overtime and weekend rates.

Consider what kind of help you need

Do you need help with everything, or just the big things? Here’s a simple break-down:

  • A daily housekeeper is there to assist you with everything from laundry to dusting to doing thedishes. If you have a pressurised job, a houseful of busy children or aren’t physically able to copewith day-to- day chores, then this is a good option for you.
  • If you’re managing the daily chores, but need regular help with bigger jobs – such as changing linens, vacuuming, and cleaning the bathrooms and the kitchen – then a weekly housekeepermay be a better fit.
  • For regular home maintenance focusing on areas that need attention less often, a monthlyservice may be all that you need. Getting windows, walls, your refrigerator and oven cleaned ona monthly basis is good for peace of mind and the value of your home.

So, put your requirements and your budget together, and you’re ready to hire the kind of help you need.

Cleaning the forgotten spots in your home

Cleaning Forgotten Areas

Shiny windows and floors, a sparkling shower and no dust-balls under the bed – you’ve got thecleaning under control, right? Maybe not – the biggest germ and mould traps are often hidden fromsight.  Here are some of the forgotten places where nasty dirt can hide.

Germ traps

  • Your dishes are clean, but what about your dishwasher or dish-rack? Look through your dishwasher instructions on how to run a cleansing cycle, and clean your dish-rack with bleach now and then to get rid of grime and mould.
  • Clean out your fridge. Get rid of any foods, sauces or preserves that have passed their sell-by date, and clean the racks and seals to get rid of any spills or mould.
  • Use a bleach solution to clean your plastic laundry basket.
  • Check the labels on your pillows – if they’re machine washable, wash them! They’re a collecting place for dead skin cells and mites. With feather pillows, follow the washing instructions carefully and dry them properly.
  • If you use a drip coffee-maker, run it with vinegar and hot water once in a while as its parts can become a real bacteria trap.
  • The bathroom is full of forgotten areas: clean make up brushes and sponges with soap and hot water often – or replace them. The same for toothbrushes, toothbrush holders, taps and toilet handles.

Dust traps and fire hazards

  • It’s easy to miss the carpet of dust that forms under and between appliances, and on top of cabinets and cupboards. Give these areas a vacuum and wipe every few months to prevent a build-up.
  • Shake the crumbs out of your toaster, and clean the grease from your stove-top and under the extractor – all of these are potential fire-hazards.
  • Change the vacuum bag or empty it out, and clean the filter.
  • Remember to wash out your pet’s bowls and toys. Lastly, don’t forget to throw your bath-mat into the wash, and disinfect your remotes, smartphone and tablet every so often. Now you’re sparkling!

For a peace of mind and a house cleaning service that will make sure to places in your home are cleaned contact us now

Keeping a small apartment clean

cleaning small apartment

Surely it’s easier to keep a small space clean? Anyone who has lived in small apartment will tell you that it isn’t.  There are a few good reasons for this: less space for storage, which means clutter, and you live in every part of it every day, which means more dust and grime. Here are some easy tips to help you keep your cosy home fabulous.

Don’t overload your space

This just means not buying unnecessary items! Run the need-love test on anything before you bring it home, or else it’s going to just become clutter.

Cut down on clutter

Getting rid of clutter is vital for managing a small apartment, and this isn’t something you just do once. Make it a seasonal habit to go over clothes, bedding, books and other items: if you aren’t using something or don’t really like it anymore, give it away or sell it. It will open up space for something you really want – and it means less to clean!

Smart storage solutions are great

Think about furniture items with drawers or shelves – a bed with a pull-out drawer for storing linen or small cabinets doubling as side-tables are great examples. Invest in a compact linen hamper and put up hooks in the kitchen to hang utensils and pans. Being able to put things away means more open space and less dust-collecting.

Make cleaning up on the spot a habit

Keep your sink clear, straighten the bed, put away the DVD’s and your space won’t get messy. Also, set aside one day a week to do a thorough clean: vacuum and mop floors, change your towels and bedding, and give the bathroom and kitchen a scrub.

Seasonal cleaning is for the big things

Once every few months, give your oven and fridge some attention, and this is also a good time to wash curtains, clean blinds and disinfect drains.

Work out a cleaning schedule that suits you and stick to it – your compact space will shine!




Why you need a professional Cleaning Company

domestic cleaning teamIf you work full-time, then you’re spending less time at home. Hours in traffic and long days at the office mean that domestic priorities like cleaning can take a back-seat. If you’re thinking of employing someone to keep your home sparkling clean, here are some good reasons to consider using a professional maid service.


This is an important factor, especially if you’re concerned about crime. Professional cleaning services are contracted to send you employees that they’ve guaranteed, which is better for your security.

Professional standards

Cleaning professionals are trained to clean even the spots you may forget! Door handles, skirting boards and toilet pedestals are just some of the areas that can be overlooked, but it’s their job to clean and disinfect in every corner!

Health issues

A tidy home is not the same as a clean home. You may have time to load the dishwasher and make the beds, but are you getting around to regular dusting and vacuuming? Dust, mould and pet-dander build up, and these are hazardous triggers for allergies and asthma. Using a weekly cleaning service can prevent all that.

Improve the value of your home

It may not seem like a big deal, but grubbiness can sneak up on you! Cleaning and maintaining your home means not having to paint or replace carpets as often, and at great expense.

To find out more about how a cleaning service can assist with your cleaning requirements , contact us